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Evaluation and Programming Tool


EPT001 Interface Board

The Evaluation Tool allows you to operate the encoder and to visualize its output signals:

  • by LEDs on the Interface Board
  • by oscilloscope connected to the test-pins on the Interface Board
  • by the software on a PC

It is possible to connect a reference encoder to the Interface Board in order to compare the measured position with a reference.


EPT001 Programming Tool

POSIC encoders have an OTP (One Time Programmable) memory. Normally this memory is programmed by POSIC, but optionally the customer can program certain parts of this OTP memory. What can be programmed:

  • Resolution (list with possible choices)
  • Maximum speed (only for ID4501)
  • Identification number (3 numbers of 16 bits each) 
  • LookUp Table (linearization table, see explanation below) 

After the encoder has been mounted into the application, it is possible to compensate a periodic non-linearity by means of the EPT002 Programming Tool and a reference encoder. Detailed information can be found in the Product Brief and the User Manual (to be downloaded from the upper right side of this page). 


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Product Brief
 Document PDF

Quick Start
 Document PDF

User Manual
 Document PDF

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