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ID1102C Dual Channel Encoder Kit


ID1102C incremental encoder with codewheel

  • Highly miniaturized rotary encoder
  • Differential inductive sensing principle
  • Insensitive to magnetic interference fields
  • Robust against dust, particles, oil, grease, humidity, liquids 
  • Ultra-thin profile: 0.9 mm
  • Optional with cable, connector and holder/baseplate 
  • Hollow-shaft codewheel with inner diameter up to 18 mm, outer diameter 28.2 mm 


Technical drawing ID1102C

  • Brushed and brushless motors
  • Industrial automation
  • Robotics
  • Laboratory automation
  • Office automation
  • Pumping and dispensing equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Rotary stages

Key specifications

Electrical connections ID1102C
Output signals A quad B 
Phase shift 90 +/- 45°
Duty Cycle 180 +/- 50°
Resolution 128 - >1'000'000 CPR
Maximum speed depends on codewheel and resolution, see table below
Supply 5.0 +/- 0.5 V, 10 mA typ.
Temperature -20 to 100°C
Airgap Nominal 0.2 mm, max 0.6 mm


ID1102C with three Codewheels
 Codewheel type TPCS01 TPCS02 TPCS03
 Number of periods




 Inner diameter

 12 mm

 36 mm

 56 mm

 Outer diameter

 28.2 mm

 52.7 mm

 72.55 mm

 Readout radius

 12.2 mm

 24.45 mm

 34.38 mm

 Lowest resolution,

 highest speed

 128 CPR

up to 23'000 RPM

 256 CPR

up to 11'000 RPM

 360 CPR

up to 8'000 RPM

 Highest resolution,

 lowest speed

 >1'000'000 CPR

up to 45RPM

 >2'000'000 CPR

up to 22 RPM

 >2'000'000 CPR

up to 16RPM

Codewheels with other dimensions and custom codewheels are available upon request.

Evaluation and Programming Tool

Evaluation and Programming Tool

The evaluation and programming tool consists of an interface board and a software that allow you to:

  • Evaluate a POSIC encoder and compare it with a reference encoder
  • Program the resolution
  • Program an encoder identification number
  • Program a LookUp Table for linearization


Go to the Evaluation and Programming Tool page

Buy rotary encoder kits and the corresponding Evaluation & Programming Tool in ourwebstore at www.posic.weebly.com/store



 Document PDF

Evaluation and Programming Tool
 Document PDF


3D drawings in STEP format


Encoder-Holder A

Codewheel with 64 periods

Codewheel with 128 periods

Codewheel with 180 periods

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