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The Open Collector interface Board OCB001 has the following functions:

  • Conversion of single-ended 5V TTL/CMOS encoder signal to NPN or PNP open collector signals
  • Configuration and/or programming of the encoder via the ASSIST Interface Board

Input signals

single-ended 5V TTL/CMOS

Output signals

Open Collector NPN or PNP

Supply voltage

9 - 48 V DC

Output current

100 mA


0 – 100 kHz


-40 to 85°C

Overvoltage protection

up to 50 V

Reverse polarity protection

down to -12 V

Short circuit protection

each output

Open Collector Board OCB001 with dimensions and

1) connector to encoder,

2) connector to ASSIST Interface Board,

3) open collector outputs,

4) input selectors for encoder 1 or 2,

5) jumper to select encoder supply voltage and

6) indication for inputs (encoder 1 or 2) and outputs (NPN or PNP).

Schematic diagram of the Open Collector Board OCB001 with NPN outputs.

Schematic diagram of the Open Collector Board OCB001 with PNP outputs.

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Eingänge A1, B1, I1 für Encoder ID1102, ID4501 und IT3403
Eingänge A2, B2, I2 für Encoder IT3402 und IT5602
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Ausgangsstufe NPN oder PNP
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Dies betrifft 8-Pin DIN-41651
Stecker J2, J4, J6 und Brücke J7
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