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  • Highly miniaturized: 6.8 x 9 x 1 mm
  • Outputs A quad B
  • Robust against oil grease, liquids, dust, particles
  • Programmable resolution and max speed
  • Optional with holder, cable and connector

The ID1102G inductive gear speed sensor consists of a sensor and a gearwheel. The sensor is an integrated circuit in a PCB housing. It provides incremental A and B output signals in quadrature. The gearwheel is in ferromagnetic steel and has a module 0.5.

The resolution and the maximum speed of the sensor are user-programmable or can be programmed ex-factory.

Output signals A quad B
Interpolation up to x16’384
Speed 0 up to 23’000 RPM
Tooth frequency 0 up to 25 kHz
A/B frequency 0 up to 1 MHz
Supply 5V, 10 mA
Temperature -20 to 100°C
Airgap 0.1 – 0.6 mm

The inductive gear speed sensor ID1102G can be operated with a gear made of ferromagnetic material and with module 0.5. POSIC uses gears from the company NOZAG, the datasheet of these gears is under the downloads tab.
The sensor is not intended for operation with non-ferromagnetic gears.
The sensor is not intended for operation with gears with module < 0.4 or module > 0.6.

Dimensions (mm) of ID1102 encoder on encoder-holder type B.

Encoder with flat cable (pitch 1.27 mm) and 6-pin DIN41651 connector.

Dimensions (mm) of encoder-holder type A.

Miniature Inductive Gear Speed Sensor ID1102G

$ 76.22 Unit Price
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Display price and ordering code for the encoder or for the Evaluation & Programming Tool

Programmable by means of POSIC’s

Evaluation & Programming Tool or

pre-programmed ex-factory

Orientation of the encoder with respect to the gear See datasheet Table 1

Maximum teeth frequency

See datasheet Table 2

Interpolation factor per tooth

See Datasheet Table 3

LookUp Table to compensate the periodic non-linearity of the gear teeth

See datasheet table 4

Ferromagnetic gear

See Datasheet Table 5

Holder on which the encoder is mounted See datasheet table 6

Standard cable: 0 to 100°C

High-temp cable: -40 to 125°C

See datasheet Table 7

See datasheet Table 8

Select the total number of encoders (The photo always shows 2 encoders independent of the number of encoders selected)

Blue plastic enclosure Protects the Interface Board against mechanical impact and dust/particles


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