The Evaluation & Programming Tool EPT002 consists of:

  • ASSIST software to be installed on a PC
  • USB cable to connect the PC to the Interface Board
  • Interface Board
  • Up to 5 encoders, mounted on holder and with 30 cm cable and connector
  • Depending on the type of encoder selected (linear or rotary or gearwheel), the EPT002 includes a set of linear scales or a set of codewheels or a steel gear

The Evaluation & Programming Tool EPT is intended for:

  • Basic evaluation and demonstration of POSIC’s ID- and IT-encoders (without PC)
  • Detailed evaluation and demonstration of POSIC’s ID- IT- and AP-encoders using a PC and the ASSIST software
  • Linearization of all of POSIC’s encoders
  • Configuration of all of POSIC’s encoders for evaluation purposes (configuration is erased when encoder is turned off)
  • Permanent programming of a configuration in the encoder’s OTP (One Time Programmable) memory


146 mm


67 mm


18 mm

The EPT002 can be used for the following encoders:

  • ID1102L/C/G
  • ID4501L/C/G
  • IT3402L/C
  • IT5602L/C
  • AP3403L
  • AP5603L

Dimensions of the white plastic target holder

Dimensions of encoder holder type A

Evaluation & Programming Tool

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