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New Scales for ID-Encoders

March 2022

POSIC introduces two new scales for its popular ID1102L and ID4501L linear encoders. The short-range scale TPLS04 has a length of 26 mm, whereas the TPLS05 is 205 mm long. The scale’s width of 4.5 mm and thickness of 0.77 mm match nicely with the very small dimensions of the encoders, so they form a perfect solution for applications where space is limited.

The scale consists of an FR-4 substrate with high-precision copper patterns. It has an accuracy of +/- 10 um and allows a resolution down to 0.02 um. It does not attract ferromagnetic dust/particles, is insensitive to humidity, grease, oil, liquids, doesn’t need to be cleaned for correct operation and functions flawlessly inside magnetic fields. The scale has a backside adhesive for quick and easy assembly. The adhesive has a high bond-strength, a temperature range of -20 to 100°C and an excellent solvent-resistance.

Typical application areas are linear direct drives, z-movement in pick & place machines, robotics, life science equipment, microfluidics, microscope stages, piezo motors and voice coil actuators.

The scales are available from stock and can be ordered online in POSIC’s webstore.

Scale TPLS04 for POSIC's linear ID-encoders



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