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The RS422 Interface Board RSB001 converts 5V TTL or CMOS single-ended encoder signals to RS422 differential signals. The ASSIST Interface Board and the ASSIST software allow to configure and/or program the encoder.

Input signals

single-ended 5V TTL/CMOS

Output signals

Differential RS422


0 – 2 MHz


5 V, 5 mA


-40 to 85°C

All ID-encoders with A/B outputs

All IT encoders with A/B/I outputs

RS422 interface Board RSB001 with dimensions and

1) connector to encoder,

2) connector to ASSIST Interface Board,

3) RS422 outputs,

4) input selectors for encoder 1 or 2,

5) jumper to select encoder supply voltage and

6) indication for inputs (encoder 1 or 2).

Schematic diagram of the RS422 interface Board RSB001.

RS-422 Interface

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Inputs A1, B1, I1 for encoders ID1102, ID4501 and IT3403
Inputs A2, B2, I2 for encoders IT3402 and IT5602
See datasheet Table 1

Only standard RS-422 outputs
See datasheet table 2

This concerns 8-pin DIN-41651
connectors J2, J4, J6 and jumper J7
See datasheet Table 3


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