Dual-track linear scale for AP encoders. It contains a Nonius-pattern with absolute stroke 19.2 mm, consisting of track 1 with 16 periods of 1.2 mm and track 2 with 15 periods of 1.28 mm.

The scale consists of a PCB with copper patterns on the front side and with a plain copper surface on the backside. The backside copper layer acts as a screen against metallic structures behind the scale. The scale can thus be mounted on a metallic or non-metallic surface.

The scale can be aligned against a metal edge, the edge height must be less than 0.2 mm.

N1 = 16, Period length 1.2 mm

N2 = 15, Period length 1.28 mm

Absolute stroke

19.2 mm


7.5 mm


538 mm


0.92 mm

The scale can be cut to the desired length

This scale is compatible to the following encoders:

  • AP3403L
  • AP5603L

Scale Type


Period Lenght

1.2 mm


7.5 mm


0.73 mm

Absolute Stroke

19.2 mm

Scale Length

up to 538 mm

Absolute Linear Scale TPLA16

$ 0.00 Unit Price

Dual-track scale for absolute encoders AP3403L and AP5603L

Maximum absolute stroke 19.2 mm


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