Dual-track linear scale for AP encoders. It contains a Nonius-pattern with absolute stroke 38.4 mm, consisting of track 1 with 32 periods of 1.2 mm and track 2 with 31 periods of 1.2387 mm.

The scale consists of a PCB with copper patterns on the front side and with a plain copper surface on the backside. The backside copper layer acts as a screen against metallic structures behind the scale. The scale can thus be mounted on a metallic or non-metallic surface.

The scale can be aligned against a metal edge, the edge height must be less than 0.2 mm.

N1 = 32, Period length 1.2 mm

N2 = 31, Period length 1.2387 mm

Absolute stroke

38.4 mm


7.5 mm


538 mm


0.92 mm

Scale can be cut to the desired length

This scale is compatible to the following encoders:

  • AP3403L
  • AP5603L

Scale Type


Period Lenght

1.2 mm


7.5 mm


0.73 mm

Absolute Stroke

38.4 mm

Scale Length

up to 538 mm 

Absolute Linear Scale TPLA32

$ 0.00 Unit Price

Dual-track scale for absolute encoders AP3403L and AP5603L

Maximum absolute stroke 38.4 mm


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