• Highly miniaturized: 8 x 10 x 0.8 mm
  • Outputs SSI
  • Insensitive to magnetic interference fields
  • Robust against oil grease, liquids, dust, particles
  • Programmable resolution and max speed
  • Optional with holder, cable, and connector

The AP5603L absolute encoder kit consists of an encoder and a linear scale. The encoder consists of two integrated circuits in a PCB housing. Each circuit provides an SSI output, optional in Gray or binary code. The linear scale is a PCB with passive copper strips arranged in 2 tracks with an unequal number of periods N1 and N2. The absolute position is calculated by subtracting the two SSI values. The algorithm for this calculation is available from POSIC.

Options like filter-setting and Gray/binary code are user-programmable or can be programmed ex-factory.

Output signals


Absolute stroke

up to 38 mm


down to 73 nm


5V, 30 mA


-20 to 100°C


0.1 – 0.5 mm

Scale type TPLA08 TPLA16 TPLA32
Period length (A) 1.2 mm 1.2 mm 1.2 mm
Width (B) 7.5 mm 7.5 mm 7.5 mm
Thickness (C) 0.73 mm 0.73 mm 0.73 mm
Absolute Stroke 9.6 mm 19.2 mm 38.4 mm
Scale Length up to 538 mm up to 538 mm up to 538 mm

TPLA08 Linear Nonius Scale with absolute stroke-length 9.6 mm for Absolute Encoders AP3403L and AP5603L

TPLA16 Linear Nonius Scale with absolute stroke-length 19.2 mm for Absolute Encoders AP3403L and AP5603LTPLA16 Linear Nonius Scale with absolute stroke 19.2 mm

TPLA32 Linear Nonius Scale with absolute stroke-length 38.4 mm for Absolute Encoders AP3403L and AP5603L


Encoder dimensions (mm).

Recommended schematic.

Recommended footprint.

Dimensions (mm) of AP5603 encoder on encoder-holder type A with flat cable (pitch 1.27 mm) and 8-pin DIN41651 connector.

Encoder AP5603L

$ 116.50 Unit Price

Programmable by means of POSIC’s

Evaluation & Programming Tool or

pre-programmed ex-factory

Orientation of the encoder with respect to the scale

See datasheet Table 1

Maximum speed for TPLA-scales

See datasheet Table 2

Binary or Gray code

See Datasheet Table 3

LookUp Table to compensate the periodic non-linearity of the scale

See datasheet table 4

Dual-track Nonius scales TPLA08, TPLA16 and TPLA32

See Datasheet Table 5

Holder on which the encoder is mounted

See datasheet table 6

Standard cable: 0 to 100°C

High-temp cable: -40 to 125°C

See datasheet Table 7

See datasheet Table 8


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