Encoder Kit with 20 nm resolution

Linear encoder kit with 20 nm resolution

March 2016

POSIC has ­raised the performance bar of their ­popular range of inductive encoder kits by releasing a next generation high resolution encoder module – the ID1102L – capable of resolutions down to 20 nm. A programming tool allows field-programming of the resolution as well as several other encoder parameters.

The encoder, which measures only 9 x 6.8 x 1.6 mm, employs an eddy-current sensing mechanism and is therefore robust against dust, particles, oil and liquids. The scale is a printed circuit board with high-precision copper patterns. It can easily be to cut to the desired length, does not attract ferromagnetic particles and doesn’t have to be cleaned for correct operation.

The ID1102L encoder kit as well as scales and the Evaluation and Programming Tool are available from stock.

Encoder Kit with 0.6 μm resolution at 2 m/s

ID1102L linear encoder kit

October 2015

POSIC launches the ID1102L linear encoder kit that operates up to 2 m/s with a resolution of 0.6 um. Both resolution and maximum speed are user-programmable and can be set to different combinations of resolution (down to 0.02 μm) and maximum speed (up to 32 m/s).

The encoder employs an eddy-current sensing technology and is therefore not only robust against dust, oil and liquids, but is also insensitive to magnetic fields. The magnetic-field-insensitivity makes the encoder kit particularly suited for integration in linear direct drives.

Target markets include industrial and laboratory automation with applications such as pick & place machines, inspection- and test-equipment, robotics and machine-tooling 

The ID1102L encoder kit with scales of various lengths and an Evaluation and Programming Tool are available from stock.